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Coins in, coins out

Miniature Woodcraft

Set in a gorgeous glass holder, this beautiful crafts allows you to hone your patience and focus as you build from scratch selected themes of furniture which lets you leave the workshop with a sense of pure satisfaction.

Blooms Diffuser

Scent up your home with this practical workshop. Learn to make paper flowers which enhances diffusion strength to make the scent last longer. Be assured that scents used are of good quality, we wouldn't let you use whatever we won't

Moisturising Hand Sanitizer

Forget all the commercial brands of hand sanitisers after learning to make this. Learn about the ingredients and its benefits towards an effective sanitizer. Easy to get ingredients to replicate this product anytime you need it.

Prosperity Bubble

By popular demand for 2020! Shake up the new year with this adorable water filled snowglobe. With a variety of mouse designs to choose from, you will certainly find one you like. Learn to make a snow globe from scratch and be surprised by how water is placed in, as well as the secret to what makes the floaters sink every so slowly.

Frothy Tidings Of Joy

Pump up your Christmas with this 250ml foaming handsoap, a simple and economical project to recreate in the comfort of your home. This product uses only natural ingredients and is very gentle and moisturising on our skin. With this adorable yet practical accessory in your bathroom, you will never have to remind your kids to wash their hands again.


A flutter of designs at night to soothe away the stress of the day and bring in the sweet dreams. Dreamshade uses the art of frosting to create a sensational lamp with a USB plug switch. With a variety of designs to choose from, you will never get tired of admiring and flaunting your showpiece every chance you can get. A workshop of guaranteed satisfaction and fun awaits you!

Etch It Your Way

Perhaps a familiar word for etching would be frosting. At this curated workshop, select your own designs to frost a pretty mug or keepsake container with 2 different caps and a straw for you to bring back. These designs will never be scratched nor washed off with the special ingredient applied onto the glass. Option to silver wax the glass makes the design prominent.

Mossy Garden

Moss is one of the easiest plant family to care for. With minimal care, this workshop is for those who believe they have lots of patience to put together this masterpiece. Learn the purpose of each layer of ingredients. Oh, did I mention? This terrarium has an in built light switch..

Beady Flora

Flowers and pearls simply go very well together to create versatile looks. Transform a plain black dress for office or for a casual girls' night out with this accessory. Easy to replicate at home or as a girls activity, its a perfect workshop to learn a new skill or for gifting.

Roll It Oven Baked Beads

Using a "marbling" technique, roll out polymer clay to create your unique set of beads. Requires baking of the beads to harden it, this workshop teaches you a skill that can be replicated for leisure or business. Warning: You may get addicted to this craft!

Glass Painting Lavender Potpourri

With easy to follow designs, design test tubes and create a glass painting artwork. Not just a pretty ornament, scent up your room with provided lavender buds to give that relaxing feel.

Stencilin' Fun

Perfect for those who believe they encompass untapped creative juices, this 'play with colours' workshop provides acrylic paint and a good variety of stencils to choose from. Create your own design of keepsake box to store your loose change, keys, stationery, or simply display your masterpiece on the shelves for praises from your colleagues or house guests

Colour It Tumbler

A simple workshop made just for kids, colour a tumbler with colour pencils and watch it turn into water colour effects at the touch of a paintbrush. A popular workshop with kids to showcase their colour accenting talents.

Batman Cord Organiser

An elementary leather crafting workshop, ignite your interest with this easy to do, chic and practical cord organiser. Your bags will never be messy with wires again. Comes with a button clasp function

Colour Me Beautiful

A little colour goes a long way! Learn easy to grasp techniques of basic corporate make up. Class outline will include basic skincare, which colours suits you, how to draw perfect eyebrows that accentuates your face (to me, eyebrows are the most important thing to know if you forget how to apply everything else), eyeshadow, eyeliner and blusher and lipstick application.

Chic Cash Stash

Sewless leather project without the fuss, but require good cutting skills. Great for cards and dollar notes but not recommended for coins as they will slip out. Fun workshop with a practical touch to it, come join us to reignite that crafting passion.

Saffiano Key Pouch

One of our best seller workshops. Who doesn't have keys of their own? And to have a key holder handmade and a design not commonly found, its a simply must-have. With a selection of colours to choose from and option of little charms to personalise your product, try your hand at this craft, this might just make you fall in love with creating your own stuff

Soapsuds and Bars

Tired of the commercial soaps drying out your skin. With our all-natural moisturising goat's milk soap material and the addition of other moisture and scent enhancing ingredients to make your bath time a luxury, you will love your creations. Oh, did I mention the assortment of cutest soap moulds to choose from? Come early to get your preferred designs.

Name Card Holder

Looking to create your first leather project? something easy yet shouts "Handmade"? This leather cardholder fits many cards/namecards and is of genuine leather. Get to learn simple leather embossing skills as you personalise it just the way you want it with alphabet toolkits.

Light Up Your Moments

Light up your nights with this mesmerising 3D paper cut outs lightbox with the click of a switch, USB powered. Looks like a feat of a workshop but it is easier than you think it is. With a dual colour lamp to give off a beautiful colour gradience, it is one display art piece you shouldn't miss making with beautiful designs to choose from, limited sets of each per class.

Travel Trio

Are you looking out for a more natural product for your daily needs? Come find out what does Bioaccumulation mean and how it can be detrimental to our health and wellness. Get body and earth friendly with this workshop as you learn how easy it is to make your own Face/Body Mister, Make Up Cleansing Wipes and Body Deodorant using as natural the ingredients we can find. Shelf brands wouldn't want you to lay your hands on these recipes that really work at just a fraction of their prices.

Bespoke Coin Pouch

A bespoke elegant coin pouch that is unique with 2 button openings, open it whichever way you prefer. A elementary workshop for those who has lots of loose change in their pockets or in handbags and need a little organising. Be ready for the Oohs and Aahs from your friends when you whip it out.

'Vest'ed Interest

Here's a chance to own a genuine ostrich leather keychain, a guarantee that you are the minority who will ever own this because we are the creators. Flaunt it off to your friends with the newly acquired knowledge of ostriches, this unique art piece will be something you will be talking about for a long time.

Classic Clutch

Using day to day materials such as placemats to make a clutch. A simple yet classy bag for that easy day or that special date. Get to choose from a variety of placemat and belt colours, put together to create very own handbag.

Tote It Up

This workshop teaches you how to make a bag, without the pain of sewing. That's right, a sewless bag. With a variety of materials to choose from, make a lunch tote with simple materials.

Hanging Planter

Find out about the types of terrariums and the materials required to replicate terrariums at the comfort of your home. This workshop centres around creating a fully enclosed terrarium and with all materials provided. Includes a lamp post ornament that is battery operated and lights up at the click of a switch. Have fun with your colleagues or friends with this all time favourite workshop.

Craft 'Round the Clock

Design a 12 inch clock using an array of materials to assist you in creating the dream clock you always wanted to have. A workshop great for kids and adults, it helps bring out creativity in you. Clockwork will be assembled by the workshop assistants.

Flower Locket

Want something handmade for your love one who likes flowers? Using real dried mini flowers, create a flower locket that speaks a million words with it being the only one in the world. The packaging you bring it home in is a stunner too, can be used as a decoration piece when you are not using the necklace.

Candy Bulb Terrarium

Find out about the types of terrariums and the materials required to replicate terrariums at the comfort of your home. This workshop centres around creating a fully enclosed terrarium and with all materials provided. Includes a lamp post ornament that is battery operated and lights up at the click of a switch. Have fun with your colleagues or friends with this all time favourite workshop.

Ostrich Egg Deco

Ostrich eggs are the largest eggs in the world, everyone knows it. But do you own one? You can now, with this workshop where you get to design an ostrich egg using a craft method called decoupaging. Your egg is guaranteed to last many years without disintegrating.. an assurance from the farmers themselves. To add, all participants get a 40% off entry tickets to the THAT ostrich farm in Desaru that supplies all our eggshells

Snow Globe

Always wanted to learn the secrets to make a snow globe? what makes the glitter fall ever so slowly? Then this is a workshop for you. With a Christmas or Chinese New Year Themed ornaments provided , or you have your own ornaments to add, bring them all to create your own snow globe. Something handmade, something precious!

Twilight Terrace

Think its possible to learn 3 skills in one workshop? It is with this easy yet gorgeous fairy lights hanging planter. Participants get to learn how to pot a succulent terrarium, basic sand art and macrame knotting. At the end of the workshop, you would be raring to create your own hanging projects

Twilight Terrace

Prosperity Globe

Family Law

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