Who we are

We are a lifestyle company that started its operations since 2016, with conducting workshops for all ages as our main scope of offering. We focus on wellness - Nature Matters LLP and craft- Crafty Fox Singapore. We pride ourselves on  constantly creating and customising innovative products while establishing a unique differentiation from our competitors and are constantly seeking to achieve a high level of standard on our deliverables and satisfaction with our clients. Our workshops are suitable for entities who are looking to engage their people in team bonding, provide activities to garner awareness or simply for individuals with a passion to learn a new craft.


About the crafty fox herself...

With a passion for crafting, June began in 2016 with numerous ad-hoc opportunities with organisations such as government bodies, schools, banks, consulting firms and more. She finds herself happiest when creating new workshops, and her greatest satisfaction come from seeing participants leave her classes with a smile of achievement on their faces. With this company, she is proud to have achieved the saying "When your passion pays you, you never have to work a day in your life" with the blessing and favour from God. Till date, she have conducted more than 800 workshops of various group sizes, some up to a hundred participants. Being in the service industry for more than 20 years, she embraces dedication and passion for what she does; her warm, helpful and amiable personality allows easy engagement with participants of all ages.